The web-based Personnel Management Information System (PMIS) of the Directorate of Nursing Services (DNS) tracks registered nurses-midwives employed in the public sector for better management of recruitment, training, transfer and promotion of nurse-midwives.

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Shirin Akhter, PMIS Section, DNS-HQ, Mobile: 01552637582

Ferdous Jahan Nasrin, Statistician, DNS-HQ, Mobile: 01741269307

Md. Shaidur Rahman, Computer Operator, DNS-HQ, Mobile: 01964853112

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Annual recruitment of DNS employees by year
( 1980 - Present )
DNS employees: Distribution by Division
as of 26 Sep, 2016
Total Employees: 18093
DNS employees: Distribution by Sex
as of 26 Sep, 2016
Total Employees: 18093

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